Munduk Village have a have a very beautiful scenery. Well known as an agriculture tourism, with good temperature ( 20- 25 degree Celcius). The village surrounding with  plenty of cloves trees, rice fields ,tropical fruit and many others. everything is grown well water from the mountain spring helps villagers activities. Observe a wonderful land and being a part of it.


Offerings are called banten in Balinese. It is possible that the word is come from the Sanskrit Word bali, which is means tribute, obligation or gift. Or it may derived from the word Enten which is means to wake up or be conscious. It is a consciousness to the Gods.

Offering are important, they are to give pleasure to the gods. Learning how to make a Balinese offering with one of the local Balinese woman. Making Canang Sari, Pajegan Bunga ( Flower Arrangement) or Pajegan buah ( Fruit Arrangement).


Learning how to make an Authentic Balinese Food and enjoy the cooking class result either for Lunch or Dinner.